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4 Reason Why Memory Games are a Must-Have Toy for Your Child’s Development, Especially now in 2021

4 Reason Why Memory Games are a Must-Have Toy for Your Child’s Development, Especially now in 2021

As a parent, you were already worried about the amount of screen time your child has between iPad, personal laptops, TV, game screen, and with this pandemic, this worry has multiplied many folds.

These tiny little screens are children’s gateway into this gigantic, exhilarating world in which they control everything (they call all the shots :)). They open what they want, however long they want it and do whatever they like with it. Everything responds to their fingertips. No wonder they love it so much.  

Schools are now entirely online and no playtime with friends; you as a parent have lesser and lesser options. The reason why a lot of parents are buying physical games, books, and activity kits for their children. Using this pandemic as a chance to engage with their child deeply and turn it into a great learning experience. 

Most games teach our children something or the other. Good or bad is whole another story. However, few select games and toys go above and beyond. They support in building critical skills in your child while they are having fun. Memory Game is one such game. So many types of learning are packed into this one little Game that it amazes me. Honestly, this is one of the reasons why we choose Memory Game as our first choice under Epically Brand. Well, more about Epically Later for right now, my entire focus in on sharing why Memory games matter. As a Parent its not just important to have a memory game in your child’s collection but encourage them to play with it often and here is why? 

1. Memory Card Games Improve Focus and Concentration

Do you also feel that your child is pretty smart but lacks focus and concentration? 

Do you often think… If only she/he would focus, they would do so well at school and in life. 

Children often don’t do well in school for they lack focus on that particular subject or activity. Of course, they have all the focus for TV or iPad for that is a multi-sensory device. It is engaging all their senses, almost forcing them to think about nothing else but the screen. Books and studies don’t offer that level of engagement and excitement; nonetheless, they need their focus for learning to happen. 

Memory card games help children build focus through the simple play of cards. To win in a memory game, children need to remember which card is kept where if they lose focus, they cannot win. So literally to win they need to bring their whole focus and attention to the Game. The reason why memory games are a popular tool of choice for teachers and counselors all across the world.  

2. Memory Games Increase Retention 

Retention is not just about becoming a human encyclopedia, in fact, that is not even required any more. Google can get your answers much faster. But this does not mean you don’t need to build your power to retain more information. In school and college, for obvious reasons, retention plays an important role but once you enter the work-life, it still plays an equally important role. 

The interesting opportunity a memory game presents is that it keeps giving multiple data points to a child to remember almost like stacking. If two people are

playing in the first turn, itself kids have 4 positions to remembers and with each round, this keeps adding up. Of course, the brain cannot retain so much, and children tend to forget; however, as they practice, they become better and better at it.

3. Memory Games improve Short Term Memory.

We all know that our short term memory is different from long term memory. These memories are even stored in different parts of our brain. As explained above regularly playing memory games actively uses short term memory and keeps that part of the brain active. And as they say it the more you use it the more it develops. 

4. Memory Game help in Building Spatial Skills 

It sounds like a fancy term and often ignored or misunderstood but spatial skill is a very important skill for our children to develop. Most people believe Spatial skills are important for certain creative and design professions only, though research has proven that Spatial skills are equally important for a child to succeed in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects.  

Spatial skill is not just the ability to visualize and create images and forms with available data it goes beyond. Spatial skill is also the ability to recreate and or transform the created images to find a new solution. Children start making connections with the images drawn in the memory card game, where they are placed in relation to other cards and start creating mental pictures in their mind, and as the game progresses, they need to keep changing that image. 

All in all Memory Games are a fantastic tool. And our Epically Ramayana, The Great Indian Memory Game is an Epic Memory Game, especially if you want your child to get closer to Indian culture and values and learn more about our epics. 

Epically Ramayana takes the learning with a Memory Game to a whole new level. There are so many stories of resilience, support, truth, and valor hidden within our great Indian Epic Ramayana. With this memory, game children get introduced to the main characters of Ramayana one play at a time. Watching Ramayana on TV is one thing but playing with it often with friends, learning about the different characters slowly is completely different. Watch how children start asking you more questions on Ramayana on why things happened and if they don’t ask, you can pick a card and start having a conversation around Ramayana. When you play a regular memory game the learning stop at matching the pairs but when you play with Epically Ramayana the learning continues beyond the matching of pairs. 

And don’t forget the art and story on Epically Ramayana is by none other than India’s favorite mythologist, Devdutt Pattanaik who has written over 50 books on Indian Mythology and its relevance in current times. 

Tell us your experience of playing Epically Ramayana game and if you have not bought one already you could buy it from here.

Now Epically Ramayana is available in Hindi too.

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