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We live in a world consumed by materialism, where people can buy the perfect thing with a couple of mobile taps, and discard it just as easily.

Things, are just that, things.

But, the best things in life are rarely that – things.

And at Positively Perfect, we aim to reclaim the true meaning and power of gifts. To elevate their status to more than ‘ just things’.

No, we aren’t your usual gifting site, but that’s because you and those around you deserve something fiery and fresh.

When measuring someone’s success, their inspiration is often overlooked. It’s arbitrary, unpredictable. A fluke. But is it?

Recent research has shown and we’re sure you’ve felt too: inspiration can be activated, captured, and magnified by changing your environment and building small daily habits.

And no one can deny how necessary inspiration is for doing extraordinary work that can potentially change the world. Undoubtedly, inspiration needs to be a part of your environment and daily regimen- just like bathing!

If you’ve been searching for that missing puzzle piece to greater productivity, purpose, and passion in you and your employees, then Positively Perfect has what you seek.

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Product image

Inspire people to become the best version of themselves.

We already know the power of words.
26 letters, when arranged in a particular order, can shape history, change destinies, give courage, make you feel loved, or make you accomplish the impossible.

With Positively Perfect, our intent is to put these words in front of you as often as we can so that:
They aren’t lost in the digital universe. You can’t ignore them. They remind you of what you yearn to be reminded of and most importantly. These words connect to your soul and inspire you to be the best version of you.

Who We Are?
Upfront, we are working to redefine the intention behind gift-giving. But really? We are on a mission to bring more purpose, meaning, and inspiration in this world through our work.

With 19 years of experience in the gifting & recognition industry, we’ve seen them all- the meaningless gifts that are pushed to the back of the cupboard or passed on to someone else because they just don’t connect with it.

We’ve also seen the flipside, deeper relationships being formed with customers and clients. All this just because a thoughtful and meaningful gift was given.

And so, we vowed to make gifts that were inspirational at heart, that could move and change lives, and make you and your brand someone worth remembering.

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Our Guiding Principles

Proudly Handcrafted in India

All of our pieces are tirelessly handcrafted and hand painted by workers and artists from India, not churned out by the thousands from a machine. Hence, when you buy a Positively Perfect gift, you are supporting an artist and making a difference in his/ her life. All of them are paid fairly for their artistic services.

Inspirational at Heart

An inspired person is an unstoppable force. And we want as many people to turn into this force while being the best version of themselves. That is why we aren’t about beautiful things, but about things that move you. If it isn’t inspirational, you won’t find it in our shop- as simple as that.

One Person at a Time

In the grand scheme of things, what we do might not seem big enough to make a difference. But we remember how- in our own lives- the littlest things blazed the trail for greater things to come. Likewise, each person who makes a purchase, and each gift that is purchased is the trail to greater positivity and inspiration in the world. And we are here to keep paving the way.

Design matters

Good design, is by its very nature, indefinable. It feels good simply because it does. And we know that a thing designed can evoke more powerful emotions than words alone. At Positively Perfect, we recognise the role that design plays and we fuse it with the power of words, to deliver something fresh and fiery.

Positively Perfect Stories

Vikram Grover

Grover Law, Partner

Thank you Positively Perfect! Your gifts were truly appreciated by my colleagues at the Lawyers' Conference. These were easy to carry, thoughtful and looked great. We especially liked the packaging for most of the times the packaging is flimsy and that makes the piece look really bad.

Alka Sood

EDC Space, Principal Architect

EDC is an experiential design firm doing projects pan India for the past 30 years. I love the products designed with so much heart and attention to detail by positively perfect. They keep inspiring me every day to live these values. This is a custom design Value Cube which I received from BNI Gurgaon. Though I have also gifted their products to family and friends who have loved the thoughtful inscriptions. In this digital world these products add so much more value and are daily inspirations and appreciations. We wish Positively perfect all the best. May they keep touching more and more hearts.

Shalini Sharma

Tarun Inc, Founder

I love this fearless and unstoppable. Of course, I got this as a gift and its always on my table. In fact I have a couple more.. Many times I don’t even see it but sometimes when I am stuck in creative thought and my eyes fall on it. It just makes me smile. Feels like it's telling me to go on. Thanks Positively Perfect for creating such a different collection. I love gifting it.