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Little Things that Matter between Friends

Little Things that Matter between Friends

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship”.-  Thomas Aquinas

The world would be a sad place to be in if we didn't have friends who would  love and care for us. Argh! (What a terrifying thought!)

As a result, this essay serves as a tribute to the beautiful people in our lives, the particular bond we share, and the time we spend together in this world.

We could do (the typical) "bbq, eat at a restaurant, ride a bike" type of thing. However, you can get such concepts elsewhere on the internet, so it would just be a rehash of what you already know. (There's nothing wrong with those thoughts, but I suppose they'd be meaningless to you)

So let's not squander any more time and get into it:

Look through old pictures.

Because Instagram is now the most popular location to share photos, future generations may not comprehend what it's like to hold old-fashioned photography in their hands or appreciate how unique each one was at the time.

However, you must acknowledge that this one has its charms. Gather your friends and go through an (old) album, either your own or one of your ancestors'. Keep in mind when it was taken. The circumstances of the situation. The folks who were a part of it. Browsing them may elicit a slew of reactions and discussion-starting topics.

Photo Frame

You can also add your favorite photograph to a Photo frame and gift it to your friend.

Take them to a location that has made a lasting impression on you.

Combine going out with a compelling reason to visit that specific location. Tell your buddies about your personal connection to the place you're visiting and why that particular site is so important to you. Don't forget to give them a sense of how things used to be vs how they are now.

Make a unique souvenir with your friends.

If you're a creative group, you can use the present you have to create a unique item that reflects your friendship and shared interests. Make whatever you want, whether it's a keychain, a necklace, a bracelet, a bookmarker, or a pencil holder. Just make it something you'd see frequently. Because putting it away and forgetting about it is pointless. Create the objects together, and then allow each person to take one of your creations home. It'll be a fond recollection of the two of you, of the time you spent together, and of the special link you share.

Demonstrate your concern for them.

It's nice to do something kind for the folks you care about every now and again. When a significant event or occasion occurs in their lives, call the individuals closest to you to express your support, and/or check-in with them later after it has occurred. Even simply listening to their concerns, challenges, and difficulties (without providing any more assistance) is a way to demonstrate that you care. Sending them this motivational wall art conveys your concern and love for them. 

Talk to them openly and honestly.

We all need to engage with others and discuss both the positive and negative events in our lives. And talking to the people we care about in person is the finest approach to communicate with them. There were no texts, emails, or other electronic communications; just good old-fashioned face-to-face communication!

However, living in a modern environment occasionally (or even more often) prevents this. Face-to-face interactions can be difficult to arrange, whether you live far apart or simply can't find a time that works for both of you.

However, you can always contact each other or, even better, make a video call to converse and see one other.

When they have a need, be there for them.

True friends are always there for each other. In both positive and terrible ways. It's simple to be in a crowd while having a wonderful time. You can rest confident that you will not be alone at those times (unless of course, you purposefully want to). But when the going gets tough, you'll realize who your true friends and family members are. Keep this in mind the next time someone close to you needs assistance. You don't have to move the mountains to make someone feel better (but it would be fantastic if you could!). Even a small gift to motivate them can demonstrate that you care, and it can mean a lot to them.

Inspirational Motivational Wall Art

That's all there is to it — some inventive little things that actually matter and  to deepen your ties with your friends. There's one more thing we'd like to mention. Simply reading this demonstrates that you are a sensitive and caring individual, and I'm confident that your friends and family adore you for it (and so much more). So, if you haven't tried some of these suggestions yet, do so as soon as possible. You'll enrich your own life as well as the lives of people around you. And there is no amount of money on the planet that can purchase this genuine, solid friendship.

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