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Just Launched! Positive Affirmation Picture frames

Just Launched! Positive Affirmation Picture frames

Beautiful Picture frames in true vintage style.
With a Powerful Positive Quote.
My own life has changed for the better with the power of Positive Affirmations. They have given me the courage and strength to keep moving forward, staying in a positive state of mind no matter what was happening all around me. Reason why I have been longing to launch this range under Positively Perfect. 
Normally I would write my Positive Affirmation in the morning in my journal and bring it up during my meditation. Then I would go about doing my work as usual. 
But life takes over, and often I would miss my journal writing or get too busy and rushed to skip my meditation time.
That's when it occurred to me; why not have my affirmations like a beautiful art right on my work desk.
Whenever I lay my eyes on it, I would read it, and it would get reinforced both in my mind and heart.
So I selected ten of my favorite Positive affirmations, created these beautiful artworks with each one, and paired them with the right color vintage frame.
I am excited about this range. Do leave me a comment below and share your favorite Positive affirmation. Let me also know what you think about this range.

What are Affirmations? 

Affirmations are Short, Powerful, Positive Statements that make you feel positive, energetic, and active. They put you in a better state of mind to transform your inner world and external world.
Thousands of trainers, coaches, mentors talk about the power of positive affirmations and how they have transformed their lives.
Thousands of books recommend daily affirmations to keep yourself in a positive state of mind.
Affirmations work both at the subconscious level and at the conscious level changing our behavior, thinking patterns, habits, and our environment for the better.
With our Positive Affirmation Frames, you can keep your affirmations right on your work desk or in your personal space. And each time you lay your eyes on this

Positive Affirmation frame, you will end up reading it and repeating it in your mind. And your dreams, your goals are not lost in your everyday busy life. These Positive Affirmation frames will make sure that your intentions and dreams become a reality faster than you ever imagined.

Gift it to yourself or someone who needs to see this message daily.

I am Love. I am Purpose

Positive affirmation: I am Love. I am Purpose. Vintage Picture Frame Sea Green Patina with Gold Highlight. Buy Now 





I am Pure Awesomeness

Positive affirmation: I am Pure Awesomeness. Vintage Picture Frame Sea Green Patina with Copper Highlight. Buy Now 


I Can. I will. End of Story

Positive affirmation: I Can. I will. End of Story. Vintage Picture Frame Textured White. Buy Now 



Love, Courage, Change

Positive affirmation: Love, Courage, Change. Vintage Picture Frame Rustic Beige. Buy Now 




Positive affirmation: I crave Healthy, Nutritious Food. Vintage Picture Frame Rustic Beige. Buy Now 



 I am My Own Super Hero

Positive affirmation: I am My Own Super Hero. Vintage Picture Frame Rustic Ivory with Copper Highlight. Buy Now 



Family is Everything

Positive affirmation: Family is Everything. Vintage Picture Frame Rustic Beige. Buy Now 



 I Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Positive affirmation:  I Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Vintage Picture Frame Sea Green Patina with Gold Highlight. Buy Now 



 Life is Full of Love

Positive affirmation:  Life is Full of Love. Vintage Picture Frame Rustic Beige. Buy Now 

 Choose Joy

Positive affirmation:  Choose Joy. Vintage Picture Frame Magenta with Gold Highlight. Buy Now 



About our Affirmation Picture Frames

Each Photoframe comes with an easel stand, so you can easily put it on your bedside table or a working desk. It also comes with a wall hook, so you can easily hang it on the wall. This picture frame can be used both as a vertical picture or a horizontal picture. Our frames are casted in Polyresin and painted by our craftsmen in these beautiful artistic colors. All our frames come with a protective glass frame for easy cleaning and a long-lasting finish. Glass is better than typical acrylic covers. Acrylic gets scratched with cleaning and loses its shine over a period of time. Each frame is treated with a protective paint layer for an everlasting finish. All our frames are handmade and hand painted. There may be slight variation in the colors you receive, but we try and maintain the colors as close as possible.
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