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Thank You Gift for Mentors: Thank you for being my guiding light

Rs. 790.00

- A great thank you gift for your Mentor, Teacher, Professor, Boss, Parents or even Grandparents.

- Someone changed your life, guided you through the most difficult times in your life, and now you want to thank him/her? This Positively Perfect design 'Thank You for being my Guiding light' is  a great gift to them.

- Compact in size at just 3.5” in height, Positively Perfect will find its space on the busiest of work desk. They will always keep it close to themselves.

- It is handmade right here in India, in our own factory, one piece at a time.

- Positively Perfect Inspirational cubes are all made from MDF (compressed wood), and the small lighthouse symbol is small miniature 3D sculpture. The text is engraved and then Color filled with metallic gold colour so the print will always be permanent.

- Every Positively Perfect comes in its own beautiful gift box. Do see our entire collection of Positively Perfect Inspirational cubes. We offer around 30 plus Inspirational gift for every occasion.

Specifications(in): 3.5” x 3” x 1

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