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NapkInsights Posters by Rajesh Setty Vol. 5

Rs. 390.00
What if a Poster can inspire you everyday? Or
Share a remarkable Insight? Or
Give a new perspective? Or
Ask a tough question?

Yes! That’s exactly why we designed the remarkable Napkinsights into these beautiful posters. Pick all or buy the ones you like. There are total 10 Volumes and one Lifetime Relationship Credos.

Designed by Rajesh Setty and Brought to Life by Adam Ming.

Rajesh Setty is a serial entrepreneur, author and teacher. He is often referred to as Silicon Valley’s secret “spark plug” for startups, scale-ups and shake-ups. Being a Polymath, Rajesh is constantly in the middle of running experiments across a variety of seemingly unrelated areas of interest, but with the common goal of how to create a better world through the projects, he incubates as one of the founders or participates in some meaningful capacity to help the founders.

Together, the startups that Rajesh has co-founded are valued at $150+ million, and the ones where he serves as a mentor are valued at $700+ million. Finally, he has also taught 2000+ entrepreneurs as part of Founder Institute and beyond. His latest startups are Audvisor and MentorCloud. His latest books are “Unshaken” and “Smart, but Stuck.” His latest courses are “The Right Hustle” and “Flourish by Design.” His latest products are the #InsideFirst Journals and Thoughtful Cards. You can read up more about him at:

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