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Congratulations Card With 3D Starburst Design (Magnificent Red), Premium Quality Leadership Cards By Pinnacle, Set of 5 Cards With Envelopes

Rs. 325.00

‘Congratulations’ Cards from Pinnacle, Exclusive 3D Starburst Design, Gold Foiling, Premium Quality Cards, Set of 5 with envelopes,

Perfect for celebrating all occasions - for Friends, Family, Peers, Managers, Students

SET OF 5 - You will receive 5 beautiful cards with 5 envelopes, perfect size of 4.5"X6" 

EXCLUSIVE DESIGN - gold foiling used to write ‘Congratulations’ on top and 3D starburst pop up artwork inside, along with blank space to craft your personalized handwritten message.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Made with high quality 300 gsm paper 

PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS - for your friends, family, students, peers, managers and anybody else who deserves a special wish.

CREATE LASTING MEMORIES - these unique cards, when hand-written with your personalized messages will make this a special expression of your wishes and be a keepsake for anyone who receives them.

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