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Coming Soon Dr. Paw’s The Brain 101

Coming Soon Dr. Paw’s The Brain 101

This is a story about a kid and his journey to becoming a better athlete. A young soccer
player named Mikey gets into some bad luck with injuries and seeks help from his
favourite Dog Doctor, Doctor Paw! Dr. Paw teaches Mikey about the importance of taking
care of your brain physically and through healthy habits. As Mikey
learns how to keep his brain in optimal condition, he also improves
his soccer skills and leads his team to victory.

Arnav (Arnie) Pulpa is a 16-year-old high school author with an ambition and passion for medicine.

Arnav is also a competitive athlete and fitness enthusiast, competing in high school sports and training
year-round. The exigence of his first book is to spread the importance of brain safety and mental
health to younger kids. He hopes to continue his effort in educating the younger community on the
topic of mental health in sports.

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