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So What Do You See?

So What Do You See?

Probably everyone in India knows this story well. Its often cited as a great story on focus but since anybody can read this blog I am putting this story right here.

This is taken from the great Indian Epic Mahabharata. Guru Dronacharya set up an interesting test for his students in his ashram and amongst them was young Arjun, the greatest archer, and warrior. It was no easy test. A dummy fish was rotating at a distance, its shadow was reflecting in the water below. Students were asked to hit the eye of the fish with their arrows, but without looking directly at the fish. They could only look at the moving shadow in the water below.

Guru Dronacharya called on each student to attempt this. Each time, the student would come, take the position, hold up his bow, aim the arrow.

When the student was ready, Guru Dronacharya asked, “What do you see?”

The students talked about everything they could see. The water, reflection of the fish, trees, birds, etc. Each time, the Guru asked them to move away without attempting the shot.

When it was Arjun’s turn the Guru asked: “What do you see?”

Arjun replied, “I only see the eye of the fish.” The Guru gave Arjun permission to release his arrow. Arjun did so and hit right into the eye of the fish.

Well, it’s hard to shut off your mind from everything happening all around you but it’s not impossible and definitely worth the effort, especially when you are aiming for your target.

Indian Mythology is full of amazing stories that have deep lessons and in my opinion, no one tells them better than Devdutt Pattnaik. I am not saying this because we design products for him. I am saying this for I study his material deeply and the more I read, the more I learn.

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