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Salt and Teamwork

Salt and Teamwork

Did you know Salt, the one we use for cooking every day is made from two poisonous substances, sodium (Na) and chlorine(Cl). If you take either one of them it could get you pretty close to dying but together they work like magic. We can’t think of having food without salt. 

The point I am trying to make is when people come together and the environment is conducive and chemistry is great something magical happens. Quite honestly there is enough written about teamwork and everyone knows the importance of it so really I don’t want to talk about that but when I read about salt being made from such dangerous substances I thought it was a pretty interesting take on how. Two things can come together and create something totally different.

So next time when you are creating teams keep in mind the other factors you can influence to make the teamwork and don’t limit it to only people’s inherent nature or in simple terms what they bring to the table.

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