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How are religious gifts Inspirational?

How are religious gifts Inspirational?

As we were getting ready to launch the website, a friend of mine asked. “Hey Nidhi, you said you would only put inspirational gifts on this online store, then why are you putting all religious gifts?”

It struck me that many people will have this question, and not all of them will ask us.

So here is our perspective. The reason I am clarifying it upfront is that we are absolutely committed to our cause. Providing our customers Inspirational Gifts that are not just different and beautiful and memorable but one with a deeper meaning. Gifts you give to people who you really care about and want them to succeed and of course Gifts which help you become the best version of yourself.

Ok, now our logic.

Inspiration can come in many forms. It’s not always a quote with a pretty picture you get on social media these days. It can be a book, a story, a poem, a beautiful piece of art, a temple, or even an idol.

Imagine millions of people visit temples and read scriptures all in all to become a better person a better human being. In fact, if you ask me, religion is the biggest motivator in the world. So we really could not keep it out of Positively Perfect.

Well, there is one more reason why you really see religious or I should say mythological gifts here on Positively Perfect and the answer is Devdutt Pattanaik. The way he draws lessons from mythology and makes it relevant today is beyond compare.

I started reading Devdutt’s work in 2009 when I heard him for the first time at TedIndia. Little did I know that 9 years later I would be working with him to create a range of products to take the message from our ancient scriptures and text to the world.

I strongly believe your environment affects your energy, and energy is everything. Inspiration is something you need every day, just like bathing.

Enjoy the limited selection we have right now of Devdutt’s work here. Surely we will be adding more as we move along.

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