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A Big Thank You to You.

A Big Thank You to You.

10,000 pieces shipped for Positively Perfect Inspirational Cubes. 

Yes! That’s a good landmark to cross. I have even better news; as I write this blog, we are about to cross the 15,000 marks for Positively Perfect :)

Yes more than 10,000 small cubes of inspiration are right now doing their work silently from some corner of a work desk or a bookshelf or a bedside table.  

We first introduced Positively Perfect cubes just over two years back when we had only 5-6 designs for our Positively Perfect cubes. We were not even sure if people will buy it? It’s small, limited branding space and how can I forget it has no utility? 

But we loved it. I loved it. So we went ahead and launched it. And I am glad I did not listen to any initial feedback which came for Positively Perfect otherwise, we would not be here. 

In fact, the very objections many people raised are the reason why many smart marketing teams are choosing Positively Perfect as a gift over traditional gifts. 


    It’s Small that’s why people retain it on their desk. It gives high visibility which is exactly what every marketing team wants.

    It has No Utility and that’s why it never becomes obsolete or breaks down or can be replaced with something which works better.


    It’s Inspirational so it helps to build an emotional connect with the customer.

    You can use it to convey your story, your values or things your brand stands for. Smart Marketing teams know that even while they love their logo and message, their customers don’t love it. They cannot plaster the logo all over. It’s the age of Minimalism. Logo and message need to subtle, especially for brands that have not become desirable or an icon of luxury yet. 

    Perfect size to carry to conferences and exhibition as a giveaway and a beautiful gift box which adds the zing to the gifting. 

    So if you have already used Positively Perfect for your gifting Thank you very much for your support for helping us reach our mark of 10,000 Inspirational cubes being shipped. 

    If you have not tried it yet. It’s not too late. Try it for your next direct marketing giveaway or Thank you gift for customers and team members. 

    Now with our online store, it's even easier to order smaller quantities and gift it to friends and family who really matter in your life.

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