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5 Creative and Inspirational Rakhi Gifts for Your Sister for 2020

5 Creative and Inspirational Rakhi Gifts for Your Sister for 2020

Gift unique and meaningful gifts your sister deserves this Rakhi 2020. Show her a thoughtful and caring side.  

Star of your eyes or Pain to your ears? 

Princess of the house or Witch in disguise? 

Worry not, we won’t doubt your decision-making skills if you choose to pick all these five options for your sister. The bitter-sweet relationship between a brother and a sister is what makes siblinghood one of the most special bonds.

On this Quarantined Rakshabandhan, take a little extra step for all the times she proved to be your favourite ally, your best partner in crime and your counsellor to count on.

So, we have compiled some of the best inspirational Rakhi 2020 gifts that your sister deserves.

1) Just Focus On Next Step Inspirational Cube

A quote is not just a collection of random words, it is rather a planned message which seeks to put randomness at a halt. Whether your sister is in school, a working woman or an all functional mom, you surely want the best of things to befall on her. 

All she needs is a constant source of motivation and positivity around her, especially by her loved ones. This Inspirational cube by Positively Perfect is adorned with a  thought-provoking message to add positivity to her life. All you need to do is to put this cube on her workstation before she wakes up and we’re sure you are up for a good hug!

2) Fearless and Unstoppable Cube

Do you ever wonder how your sister manages to do all the things at one time, while all you can think about is- What would I do without her? For the wonder woman she is, she would love to get this appreciation from you. 

Gift her this stiletto embedded fearless and unstoppable cube by Positively Perfect to remind her of all the great things she can do.

 3) Think Book, The Note which helps you think better and accomplish more. 

Any big brother here?
You tell her to get more focused, constantly nudge her for getting it together Relatable?
Hah! We got you all covered this Rakhi.
We need time. With all the busy schedule, we need time to think and reflect upon our thoughts. So does your sister. 

Think Book is a thought-provoking notebook which helps you Think Better and accomplish more. The thought-provoking questions will nudge her to think better and find answers for questions which may not have even asked till now. 

Replacing the usual To-Do Lists with To-Think Lists and last but not the least brings in the much-needed Gratitude to our Live with To Thank List. This book by Positively Perfect makes a perfect gift for your little sister. 

 She'll for sure put your name on the To Thank You list first ;) 

 4) She Leaves a Little Sparkle - Inspirational Cube

Sisters make your life Sparkle with joy and excitement. Period. 

They do all the darn cute, funny and caring things for you. 


Yah we know sometimes she can be the ‘rat’ for all your pranks she plays on you… but what would life be without all this fun and laughter? 

Isn’t it true?

This Inspirational cube will remind her of what she means to you. 

5) Triamba: The Happiness Pyramid

Looking for something spiritual for your sister? We have just the right product for you, not its a piece of jewellery which you may have already given but a small little pyramid which will always be next to her in her mandir or work desk which will remind her of you. 

The Happiness Pyramid with Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati and Ganesha. Laxmi represents resources that make our life comfortable. Durga represents the power that makes us feel confident and less insecure. Saraswati represents not just knowledge and skills but insights into ourselves. To be happy we need Laxmi, Durga and Saraswati in our life. The presence of Ganesha ensures that they come without any obstacles as he is the God who removes obstacles. The pyramid shape is designed to remind us of the Hindu Trinity. 

So go on and pick something different, creative and inspirational for your sister this Rakshabandhan and surprise her. 

                                                                                            - KALASH SINGHAL

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