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ThinkBook Journal : Think Better, Accomplish More | Journal for High Achievers | Volume 1 (Bright Yellow)

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Think Better Accomplish More

Why settle for just an ordinary notebook? When you can have Think Book.

A premium notebook designed for smart people to give them an edge by helping them to think better and accomplish more.

Gift Think Book to yourself, Gift it to people you care about, your team members, your customers. When everyone is in sync, everyone is thinking deeply and acting on their To Think list, anything can be accomplished.

Created in America, Designed in Australia, Made in India. This is no ordinary note book. Thousands of copies are sold globally already. Now Available in India from  Positively Perfect.


Why ThinkBook?

In a noisy world, where you are pulled to engage in one distraction after another, being smart is not enough to win. If you don’t take the time to think deeply and take meaningful action, reaching your ambitious goals seems like an impossible mission.

You can change that by mastering the art of possibility thinking.

Within each ThinkBook in the series, you will find a collection of carefully curated mind-expanding insights paired with thought-provoking questions to nudge you to think about the insights in your context – together, they will put you on a path to mastering possibility thinking.

If you want to reach your goals, you need to fight the status quo because you can’t grow while being comfortable with where you are. Luckily for you, you now have help.

What’s inside a typical ThinkBook?

To Think List

To Think List is similar to a To-Do list, but it’s for things that you want to think about deeply. Imagine a work environment where everyone is thinking about their To Think List every once in a while instead of focussing only on their To-do list.

Possibility Thinking Pairs

A possibility thinking pair is a combination of
a) a mind-expanding insight and
b) a thought-provoking question to help you apply the insight above in your own context.

Think Book invites you to apply the insight into your life. Answer the question and fill it like a journal.


To Thank List

To Thank List has people you want to thank and the reason to thank them.

Who can you Gift it To?

To yourself

You are ambitious and want to make things happen. Put the power of possibility thinking to work to accelerate your journey towards your dreams.


 To someone you care

Make someone’s day with this thoughtful gift so that they can put the power of possibility thinking to help them get closer to their dreams.


To your team

You want your entire team to benefit from the power of possibility thinking. Together you can accelerate your journey towards your team goals.

To your event attendees

Give ThinkBooks to your event attendees and that will be the gift that keeps on giving them long after the event has ended.


To your members

You can gift this to members of your association, club, mastermind or your alumni group.



To your student or children

You can gift this to your students be it at your institution or in your coaching practice to give them an unfair competitive advantage.

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