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Gift the Unforgettable Hanuman Chalisa: Your Gift will never go unnoticed. A beautiful gift for Diwali.

Gift the Unforgettable Hanuman Chalisa: Your Gift will never go unnoticed. A beautiful gift for Diwali.

“Sankat kate mite sab peera jo sumirau Hanumat Balbeera.” - 

Problem ceases, pain goes away. 

When one remembers hanuman, the mighty hero. 

Millions of people read Hanuman Chalisa everyday to draw strength, courage, comfort and peace of mind.

My India by Devdutt brings to you this eternal prayer for positive energy in a artisanal miniature book nestled in its very own memorable case.   

Every doha, every chaupai is beautifully illustrated by Devdutt, India’s favourite mythologist, author and illustrator. 

Each Line in Hanuman Chalisa allows us to leap into the vast body of hindu thought, a heritage of over 4000 year. 

A Hanuman Chalisa book like no other. 

Carry it in your laptop bag, purse or keep it in its own memorable case in a Mandir or an office desk. 

A memorable gift for any festive occasion, auspicious ceremony; 

for someone starting a new venture, moving to a new house or office. 

A great gift for a Hanuman Bhakt . 

This is no ordinary case. It embodies different aspect of Hanuman.  

We see Hanuman as a singer, singing songs in praise of Ram.

We see Hanuman as Bhima's teacher, teaching Bhima humility. 

We see Hanuman as Ram's messenger giving Ram's ring to Sita.

We see Hanuman as a student of the Sun god doing Surya Namaskar.

We see Hanuman in his mighty form jumping across the sea to Lanka

We see Hanuman playing the Veena as a musician.

We also see Hanuman in his utmost humility despite all his talents, strengths, skill, intelligence and creativity.

Available in two finish. 

Terracota with 24 Karat Gold Highlights and Royal Gold Textured Finish.  

Each piece is carefully hand crafted using time-honoured techniques. 

Gift the Unforgettable Hanuman Chalisa from My India by Devdutt 

Your Gift will never go unnoticed.

Click here to buy your Hanuman Chalisa. We ship all across India and the world.*+Chalisa*

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